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Review: Gene Larew 8-inch TattleTail Worm

Larew’s new, bigger version is a winner
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September 13, 2017 • Jody White • Archives

Gene Larew has sold a 6-inch TattleTail Worm for a while now, but the 8-inch model came out in the spring. FLW Tour pro Andrew Upshaw has already won a T-H Marine FLW Bass Fishing League (BFL) derby with it on Toledo Bend (with 30 pounds!), and it looks like a winner of a worm. I’ve had a few packs since late May, and I’m happy to confirm that they catch fish.

A little extra in the tail

The 8-inch TattleTail is fairly thick, about 3/8 inch, up at the head – a bit thicker than a Zoom Magnum Trick Worm – but it slims down to almost nothing at the tail. The tail is the same diameter for about an inch and a half and is tipped by a little boot, like on a swimbait, that is meant to give the bait extra action.

When you drop it in the water you see a very lively bait. It doesn’t thump back to the boat like a swimbait, but the wispy tail certainly moves around a lot more than a thicker straight tail would.

A versatile tool

I’ve mostly put the TattleTail to work on Kentucky Lake during ledge season, but it probably has a pile of other applications. I’ve used it with success on a Neko rig, wacky rig and drop-shot, and on a 3/4-ounce shaky head. It’s good for all those things. On a finesse rig the tail flutters enticingly, and I can only imagine it dances well when it’s hopping around on a big chunk of lead.

Wide gaps work, but not necessary

The shaky head I’ve used the most for the 8-inch TattleTail is the Nichols Lures Big Screwball Shakey Head. It has a 7/0 hook with a long shank, and it hooks and holds the bait well with a screw-lock keeper. The hook on the Nichols head doesn’t have a giant gap, but the TattleTail doesn’t need a huge gap. It’s still a worm, after all. If you wanted to drag it on a Texas rig, a 4/0 EWG would probably be the smallest you’d want to go. Regardless, just because it’s 8 inches long doesn’t mean you’ll need to re-build your entire tackle system around it. It’s in a sweet spot where most ledge-sized terminal tackle will work well with it.



Company: Gene Larew

Product: 8-inch TattleTail Worm

Colors: 21

Price: $4.49 for a 10 pack