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Boyd banking on deep bite

EverStart leader at Lake Guntersville looks to camp out
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Tournament leader Robert Boyd with his one-two combination: a deep-diving crankbait and jig. Photo by Rob Newell. Angler: Robert Boyd.
February 25, 2011 • Rob Newell • Toyota Series

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. – An overnight frontal passage will turn Lake Guntersville into a different playing field on day two of the EverStart Southeast event.

Day one’s warm, balmy temperatures and southwest winds have suddenly turned into a much cooler day two with blustery north winds. Places that were protected from the wind yesterday will be receiving wind today, forcing EverStart pros to adapt.

One pro who plans to keep on with his game plan, however, is tournament leader Robert Boyd of Russellville, Ala., who sacked up 29-3 on day one.

All along Boyd has plotted a single-spot strategy, to milk just one or two deep staging spots in 15 to 20 feet of water, waiting for bass to come to him before heading up onto the shallow flats.

Boyd is using just two lures: a DD-22 crankbait and a football jig.

“I can see the shallow flats where the fish want to go,” Boyd said. “There are some guys catching some fish back there, but I still don’t think the main migration of fish up into the flats has happened yet.”

Boyd noted that his primary spot is a well-known community hole and part of the challenge is waiting his turn to fish the area.

“Once I get on it, I’m fishing it a little bit differently to get my bites,” he added. “But there are no guarantees I can even get on it over the next couple of days.”

Bringing out the warriorsChip Harrison

EverStart pro Chip Harrison of Fort Wayne, Ind., currently in 34th place, reached deep into his arsenal this morning and pulled out the “warriors” to see about mounting a top-10 charge today.

Check out Harrison’s two Yozuri Rattlin’ Vibes that have achieved warrior status. One is nearly 10 years old and has endured countless battles on lakes St. Clair, Okeechobee and Guntersville, earning Harrison a lot of money over the years. The other is just a couple of years old, but has also endured its fair share of teeth marks.

The day-two weigh-in of the EverStart on Lake Guntersville will begin Friday at 3 p.m.


Temperature at takeoff: 53 degreesA blustery north wind was tugging on the EverStart flag at take-off.

Expected high temperature: 55 degrees

Water temperature: 50 to 60 degrees

Wind: north 10 to 20 mph

Day’s outlook: much cooler with blustery north winds