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Top 10 Baits from the Cal Delta

Crankbaits, ChatterBaits and finesse rigs got it done in the Delta’s shallow cover
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Bub Tosh Photo by Jesse Schultz.
May 14, 2017 • Jesse Schultz and David Brown • Toyota Series

Fluctuating weather and typical fluctuating tides dictated the outcome of the Costa FLW Series event presented by Power-Pole on the California Delta. As so often is the case in Western Division events, top pros fished everything from small finesse worms to shallow crankbaits and swim jigs. The most productive baits were able to be fished through shallow vegetation.

Here’s what the top 10 pros used.

Schlander’s winning pattern

Complete results


Hunter Schlander

1. Top pro Hunter Schlander replaced the standard hooks on his Lucky Craft Fat CB B.D.S. 4 with Trapper trebles for a more secure grip.


Robert Lee

2. After leading day two, Robert Lee slipped one notch to finish second. He caught his fish with a Reaction Innovations Pocket Rocket wacky-rigged on a 1/16-ounce wacky jighead.


Beau Joudrey

3. Beau Joudrey, who led day one, finished third and caught his fish on a drop-shot with a Roboworm in margarita mutilator color, a 4/0 hook and a 1/4-ounce weight.


Bub Tosh

4. Known for his punching prowess, Bub Tosh Jr. used an innovative punch-shot rig comprising a 3/8-ounce weight and a 4/0 hook. He rigged this with a Yamamoto Sanshouo.


Joe Uribe Jr.

5. Coming off his Western Division win on Lake Havasu, Joe Uribe Jr. placed fifth on the Delta. He caught his fish on a Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper with a 1/8-ounce weight and a 4/0 hook, a J Money vibrating jig with a hand-poured trailer, and a Reaction Innovations Pocket Rocket wacky-rigged on a 2/0 Trokar wide-gap wacky hook.


Justin Kerr

6. Justin Kerr, who finished sixth on the Delta, caught his fish on a drop-shot with a Roboworm in the margarita mutilator color and an Evergreen Zearch crankbait in the gill color.


Andy Scholz

7. Seventh-place pro Andy Scholz used a handful of baits: a wacky-rigged Yamamoto Senko, a drop-shot with a Roboworm, a spinnerbait and a Luhr-Jensen Speed Trap crankbait with a custom color he calls Mr. Green Jeans.


Patrick Whitaker

8. Taking eighth place, Patrick Whitaker caught his fish on an Evergreen Shallow Hog crankbait, a 5/8-ounce G Money jig with a Reaction Innovations Smallie Beaver trailer and a Z-Man/Evergreen ChatterBait Jack Hammer vibrating jig in the BHite delight color.


Dane Mitchell

9. Dane Mitchell, who placed ninth, fished a Lucky Craft Fat CB B.D.S. 4 crankbait in spring craw and a 6th Sense Divine Swim Jig with a Berkley Havoc Grass Pig swimbait trailer.


Sean Peirson

10. In 10th place, Shane Peirson threw a 3/8-ounce white Z-Man ChatterBait with a Keitech swimbait trailer and a 1/2-ounce green pumpkin bladed jig with a Predator swimbait on the back.