Featured Bait: Duckett Fishing Vibra Swim - Major League Fishing

Featured Bait: Duckett Fishing Vibra Swim

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March 3, 2021 • MLF • Champions Club

The Vibra Swim is a lure built with the latest and most performing materials available like the special grade ABS body. When matched with our exclusive “reverse shovel lip,” the Vibra Swim exceeds any known action when it comes to scanning the water and searching for predators. It can be used with ease in heavy cover with the single high-performance OMTD hook rigged with a special stop for trailers.

How to Rig

Boyd Duckett’s Vibra Swim setup:

  • 7-foot-1 medium-heavy Duckett Fishing Pro Series rod
  • 14-pound fluorocarbon
  • 7.3:1 Duckett Fishing Paradigm reel
  • The perfect trailer to add is the 3.8 Subtle Tail swimbait

How to Fish

Here’s how Duckett fishes the Vibra Swim:

  • Slow and steady retrieve
  • Over and around grass and other vegetation
  • Boat docks and next to hard cover
  • Schooling fish in open water

Featured Pro: Boyd Duckett

Boyd Duckett, the co-founder of Major League Fishing, has registered four wins, 23 Top 10s and more than $1.7 million in career winnings.

More Tips and Techniques

The Vibra Swim is not a bladed jig (or what is commonly referred to as a ChatterBait). While it has a blade, the important distinction is that it’s attached to the jig head and not free-swinging like a bladed jig. This calls for a retrieve that is similar to a swimbait, where dialing in the cadence is crucial. A slow and steady retrieve will be ideal in most situations.

This bait excels in shallow water, around docks, cover and over grass.