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Featured Bait: Googan Baits Toad

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March 19, 2021 • MLF • Champions Club

Seasoned anglers know that big bass eat frogs and if you want to put bigger fish in your livewell you need to try the Googan Baits Toad Softbait Frog trailer.

Made from a durable soft plastic material that can withstand multiple aggressive topwater strikes, the Googan Baits Toad features a keeled belly design to keep it running true on the surface no matter how fast you reel it. The legs are also molded with an aggressive ridged design, which splashes on the surface and generates a substantial bubble trail that attracts fish from all directions.

The heavy ribbing along the sides of the body help produce more vibration and adds resistance so that anglers can reel the Googan Baits Toad at slower speeds than other soft plastic frogs on the market as well.

How to Rig

With a variety of applications to choose from, rigging the Googan Toad will be dependent on the situation. For drawing bass out of heavy cover, the Toad serves as a great buzzbait trailer, allowing it to be fished as a “buzz toad” combination which offers the unique action of a buzzbait and the profile of a toad. In most scenarios, this calls for the same rod, reel, and line setup as when fishing a buzzbait. It can also be fished on a weighted or weightless swimbait/frog hook, allowing for a slower retrieve with more time in the strike zone.

Featured Pro: Jacob Wheeler

Jacob Wheeler was the youngest angler to ever win the Forrest Wood Cup. He’s also a two-time Bass Pro Tour winner and a General Tire World Champion.

How to Fish It

The Toad can be utilized with a variety of techniques. It excels at drawing bass out of heavy cover and vegetation. However, it doesn’t just excel around grass, as it also proves to be an effective tool for fishing isolated wood and boat docks, or even in open water close to the bank. Varying retrieval speeds is a good way to dial in the bite, as both a slow-rolled presentation and “burning it” with a quick retrieve can be crucial to maximizing bites on any given day.