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Tackle Warehouse TITLE Roster

Who’s fishing the year-end Pro Circuit championship
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August 18, 2020 • MLF • Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit

The final event of the Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit season, the Tackle Warehouse TITLE presented by Toyota features the top 50 pros in the standings. They’ll all compete next week at Sturgeon Bay for a guaranteed check and a $200,000 top prize. The tournament will also take place under the Major League Fishing (MLF) catch, weigh and immediate release format, so you can look forward to six days of fast-paced smallmouth action.

Tournament preview 

The event takes place August 24-29, starting with four days of Qualifying Rounds with Group A fishing on days one and three and Group B fishing on days two and four. Then, the top 10 pros from each group will move on to the Knockout Round on day five where the weights are zeroed from previous rounds and the top 10 from that round will move on to the Championship Round. In the Championship Round – the sixth and final day of competition – the weights are zeroed and the highest total weight at the end of the day is crowned TITLE champion.


The following pros qualified for the first-ever TITLE

1. Ron Nelson

2. Spencer Shuffield

3. Grae Buck

4. Matt Becker

5. Jon Canada

6. Jacob Wall

7. Scott Dobson

8. Dylan Hays

9. Joshua Weaver

10. Kyle Hall

11. Matthew Stefan

12. Bradford Beavers

13. Miles Burghoff

14. Dakota Ebare

15. Tom Monsoor

16. Jared McMillan

17. Kerry Milner

18. John Cox

19. Rusty Salewske

20. Cole Floyd

21. Jeremy Lawyer

22. Clark Reehm

23. Evan Barnes

24. Jason Reyes

25. Jason Abram

26. Jimmy Washam

27. Jim Moynagh

28. Mitch Crane

29. Troy Morrow

30. Alex Davis

31. Kurt Mitchell

32. Joey Cifuentes

33. Scott Ashmore

34. Darrell Davis

35. Casey Scanlon

36. Wade Strelic

37. James Niggemeyer

38. Chad Warren

39. Darrel Robertson

40. Tyler Woolcott

41. Lendell Martin Jr.

42. Joseph Webster

43. Tyler Stewart

44. Jordan Osborne

45. Clayton Batts

46. Bill McDonald

47. Greg Bohannan

48. Christopher Brasher

49. Barron Adams

50. Tommy Dickerson