Ask the Anglers: Five Tips for Bank Fishing - Major League Fishing

Ask the Anglers: Five Tips for Bank Fishing

November 16, 2019 • Major League Lessons

Many anglers get their start fishing along the banks of local ponds and lakes. We asked some MLF pros for their best advice on bank fishing, and compiled five simple tips that can help you catch bass without ever getting in a boat:

  1. Go fishing. Mark Daniels, Jr. points out that the best way to become a better angler is spending time on the water, regardless of whether or not you have a boat.
  2. Move around. Casey Ashley says you shouldn’t stay in one spot if the fish aren’t biting. He recommends working your way down the bank in search of the perfect fishing spot.
  3. Cast parallel to the bank. Many of the MLF pros point out the irony of the fact that anglers fishing from the bank are usually casting as far out to the middle of the lake as possible, while most pros fishing from a boat are casting towards the shoreline. Fletcher Shryock and Ott DeFoe both recommend casting parallel to the bank to target fish in shallow water.
  4. Take advantage of flooded areas. After a heavy rain, Andy Morgan says you can capitalize on flooded areas and catch bass in areas where they typically cannot inhabit.
  5. Get in there with ’em. Terry Scroggins recommends putting on a pair of waders and getting into the lake because you can sneak up on the bass much easier without a boat.