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West’s best shine at Amistad

February 7, 2008 • Jeff Schroeder • Archives

Just a quick observation out of Lake Amistad today. Two names you’re going to have to remember come time to pick your fantasy Cup team: Jimmy Reese and Mike Tuck.

You’re not going to see them on your roster all through the regular season because they’re Western pros, but if things keep rolling for them in Texas, you will for the Cup. I’ve watched these two guys catch hog after hog out of every different lake up and down the West Coast. Now it looks like they can do it further east, too.

Day one at Amistad: Reese 26 pounds, 12 ounces (heaviest of the day), Tuck 26-4 (third heaviest).

For the record, Reese is a three-time winner in the Western Strens and two-time AOY on that circuit. Tuck is probably the best runner-up angler out West, having been snakebitten into second place a couple of times on the last day.

Another quick note: The West leads the East in the head-to-head matchups at Amistad, but not by as much as some predicted. After day one it’s 17-13 West. Pretty tight. Gonna be an interesting weekend.

Big question for guys like Reese and Tuck: Will swimbaits catch fish at Lake Murray in August?