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Three New Finesse Worms

New options for a tough bite
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Matt Arey shows off the new Lunkerhunt Limit Worm. Photo by Jody White. Angler: Matt Arey.
July 15, 2015 • Jody White • Archives

Though there is a ton of finesse worms already available on the market, but the following three from the first day of ICAST might be worth a look if you sense a gap in your arsenal.

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Lunkerhunt Limit Worm

Matt Arey is pretty excited about this one. The Limit Worm features Lunkerhunt’s Core Strength technology (a woven Mylar core) at the nose of the worm for enhanced durability (especially when nose-hooked) and it is molded with fish protein instead of salt. The protein adds an alluring scent, but it is also lighter than salt and causes the tail of the 6-inch version to float upward ever so slightly.

Arey says the worm performs equally well on a shaky-head rig or on a drop-shot.

The Limit Worm comes in seven colors and a 12 pack of 4-inch baits or a 10 pack of 6-inch baits will retail for $5.99.


Charlie's Worms Finesse Master

Charlie’s Worms Finesse Master

The Finesse Master is the brainchild of 2014 Forrest Wood Cup co-angler champion Bryan New. New says it works well for all the typical finesse applications and has a lot of action when shaken due to the flat point on the tail. The Finesse Master was also New’s primary bait when he won the Cup, though it was only a prototype then.

The Finesse Master is 6¼-inches long, comes in eight colors and will sell at $3.98 for a 10 pack.


Yamamoto Cali Roll

Yamamoto Cali Roll

The 5-inch Cali Roll doesn’t have the same slimness for a traditional drop-shot worm, but it might perform well in that role. Jimmy Reese made use of it throughout the FLW Tour season and reports that it is indeed a good offering on a shaky head or a drop-shot. Reese also said that he’s had success with it as the trailer on a finesse jig.

The Cali Roll retails for $6.39 per 10 pack and comes in 10 colors.