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Meyer Lands Potential Record Spotted Bass

10.80 spot caught from Bullards Bar (updated)
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Cody Meyer
December 16, 2016 • MLF • Archives


Following FLW’s original post on Dec. 16, more details were revealed regarding Cody Meyer’s trophy spotted bass catch and its status as a possible world record. The fish weighed 10.8 pounds and was caught on Dec. 16 from Bullards Bar reservoir in northern California. Meyer was fishing with FLW co-angler JR Wright at the time.

In a press release distributed by Strike King, Meyer recounted the experience.

“JR Wright and I had caught three really big spots that day. Then I marked one single big fish on my electronics,” he says. “It was suspended about 20 feet down over 100 feet of water. I cast my [Strike King] Ocho to it, let it sink and then my line jumped. It was immediately obvious that it was another big one, but it wasn’t until I saw her that I actually realized how big she was.”

Meyer was fishing the Ocho in the KVD magic color on a wacky rig with 15-pound-test Seaguar Smackdown braid and a 6-pound-test Seaguar Tatsu leader.

The fish’s weight was certified on site by a representative of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Pending approval, it could unseat the current 10.48-pound world record spotted bass.


Original story:

According to social media reports by FLW Tour pros Jimmy Houston and Jason Johnson, fellow pro Cody Meyer has landed a spotted bass in California of record proportions. Meyer's fish reportedly weighed 10.8 pounds, and its weight was reportedly certified by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. FLW was unable to reach Meyer on Friday evening to verify the reports, though photos have circulated showing Meyer holding mammoth spotted bass.

Of note is that the current International Game Fish Association world record is a 10.38-pound fish caught by Tim Little in 2015. However, California recognizes an 11-pound, 3-ounce spotted bass caught by Lou Ferrante in 2015 as its state record. Ferrante's fish was reportedly initially weighed at 11.2 pounds and then weighed later on a certified scale to be 10.95 pounds. You can read that story here.

A larger bass caught by Paul Bailey in November 2015 was released before it could be certified. That fish reportedly surpassed the 11-pound mark. Read about it here.

There are also reports of an 11-pounder caught by a California angler named Wes Roberson last winter.

Regardless of who holds the record, it's clear that California is the place to be for big spotted bass.

FLW will try to round up further details over the weekend.