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Drawdowns Planned for Arkansas Lakes

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September 15, 2010 • MLF • Archives

Lake Hamilton will be lowered by 3 feet and Lake Catherine by 5 feet in planned drawdowns set to begin on Saturday, Nov. 6 and be completed by Friday, Nov. 12.

Entergy Corp. or Arkansas will adjust the reductions at a rate of 4-6 inches per day on Lake Hamilton and 7-9 inches on Lake Catherine. The water released at the dams will be used to generate hydroelectric power. Entergy Arkansas will return the lakes to their normal summertime levels in early March.

Lake Catherine is being lowered an additional 2 feet to allow the Arkansas Game and¬¬¬ Fish Commission to replace the deteriorated boat ramp at Remmel Dam Park. The new ramp is expected to be complete in about 60 days once the drawdown is concluded. If practical, a temporary ramp might be put in place until the new ramp is in place.

In addition to facilitating shoreline maintenance and inspection, the annual drawdown is part of a plan to help control nuisance aquatic vegetation that has especially plagued the upper end of Lake Hamilton in past summers.