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New ‘Fishing 101’ videos, FLW Tour Championship interviews added to inventory

Daily online videos to be released during 2006 Wal-Mart FLW Tour Championship in conjunction with host of new tips-and-technique segments in effort to bring excitement of tournament fishing directly to our viewers
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David Dudley is not afraid to stop anywhere or anytime when he is junk fishing. Photo by Jason Sealock. Angler: David Dudley.
July 31, 2006 • MLF • Archives

Starting immediately, readers will notice the addition of 10 new “Fishing 101” videos to The new selections are part of our greatly enhanced video section designed exclusively to bring readers even more access to a treasure trove of tips and techniques segments. The new video clips – which feature Wal-Mart FLW Tour pros covering everything from tips to fishing boat docks and tidal waters to the art of making the long cast – will allow readers to get direct insight into how the pros approach many of the typical obstacles anglers face on the water.

To see the videos, simply click here and go directly to the “ On-Demand” video page. There readers will find 24 different tips-and-technique segments in total to choose from, hosted by a wide array of pros and co-anglers from the FLW Tour.

2006 FLW Tour Championship videos available this week

For the first time ever, also will be featuring a host of on-demand video feeds directly from this year’s Wal-Mart FLW Tour Championship, scheduled to take place in Birmingham, Ala., from Aug. 2-5.

Each day of the championship, will release a variety of different video segments from FLW Tour pros participating in $1.5 million season-ending event. The videos – which will range from daily interview segments with the championship contenders to informational features about the championship in general – will be showcased exclusively on To view the 2006 championship video library to date, click here. Note: Make sure to log into throughout championship week as new videos will be added immediately as compelling material becomes available.

‘Fishing 101’ video overview

The following description provides an updated synopsis of the latest video inventory currently available on The 10 most recent “Fishing 101” videos now include:

* Mike Hawkes discusses tips for fishing a soft-plastic buzzbait.

* Alvin Shaw demonstrates ideal baits and techniques for stained water

* Kim Bain shows viewers the proper technique for fishing a Shaky Head worm.

* Sean Hoernke discusses tips for choosing and fishing crankbaits properly.

* Trevor Jancasz takes us lure shopping at Wal-Mart.

* Jeremiah Kindy discusses the proper crankbait techniques for fishing cold water.

* Tracy Adams demonstrates how to use a top-water bait successfully with the help of country music star Mark Wills.

* Carl Svebek III demonstrates the proper techniques for fishing a worm rigged “wacky” style.

* Real Andrews shows viewers some excellent exercise techniques to prevent fishing-related injuries.

* Ishama Monroe demonstrates the importance of onboard electronics for fishing success.

Other tips and techniques videos available at

* Matt Herren discusses tips for fishing tidal waters.

* David Lefebre shows viewers the importance of making the “long cast.”

* David Dudley discusses the art of fishing buzzbaits.

* Dion Hibdon offers tips on fishing boat docks in the summer.

* Clark Wendlandt demonstrates important fishing techniques for combating cold weather. Specifically, Wendlandt shows how to target heavy cover while flipping grass mats with large weights and heavy line.

* Larry Nixon provides novice anglers with tips on how to rig, cast and retrieve a 4-inch Berkeley Gulp! Power Noodle.

* Shad Schenck demonstrates the proper techniques for casting and boat positioning during windy days.

* Karen Savik demonstrates the proper technique for rigging a swim jig. Optimal water temperatures, retrieval techniques and hook-set tips are also discussed for this bait.

* David Walker shows viewers why it’s important to make some careful adjustments to new lures right out of a box. Specifically, Walker concentrates on hook sharpening, skirt maintenance and optimal weed-guard positioning.

* Scott Martin of Clewiston, Fla., offers tips on how to catch springtime bass by ripping a tube bait off the bottom to coax reaction strikes.

* J.T. Kenney of Daytona Beach, Fla., is widely regarded as a flipping expert in bass-fishing circles. Here he discusses how to fish in shallow-water cover using a soft presentation and a quick hook set.

* Bobby Lane of Lakeland, Fla., used a topwater plug to bring in bass on Beaver Lake. Here he describes two ways to attack schooling fish: with a slow retrieve or a fast one in combination with popping the bait.

* Chad Grigsby of Maple Grove, Minn., gives his three favorite sight-fishing techniques: using a drop-shot rig for more aggressive fish, throwing a tube to bass on deep beds, or fishing with a finesse worm rigged weedless for largemouths or smallies.

* Art Berry of Hemet, Calif., talks about how a healthy mindset is the most important tool an angler can have out on the water. Berry says the best bass anglers stay positive and confident with every cast.

Future additions

In the coming months, will seek to continually expand its video inventory. While more tips-and-techniques segments will be added, a variety of other topics are in production as well. It is the hope of everyone at FLW Outdoors that our readers truly enjoy these new video features, and, as a result, become more accomplished anglers in the process.