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Potomac River Day 2 Coverage

Wendlandt leads a wicked tight top five
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Brandon McMillan Photo by Sean Ostruszka. Angler: Brandon McMillan.
June 15, 2017 • MLF • Archives

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2:20 We’re headed to weigh-in

Our folks are all getting off the water and it’s about time to weigh some bass. In all likelihood, we get to crown an Angler of the Year, Rookie of the Year and Co-angler of the Year, so weigh-in should be pretty interesting. It starts at 3 p.m. ET on the site or at good ol’ Smallwood State Park.

Weigh-In Time: 3 p.m. ET on days one and two; 4 p.m. ET on days three and four

Weigh-In Location: Smallwood State Park all days


2:00 Batts update

Clayton Batts says he’s got “maybe” 13 pounds. 


1:50 Rounding things up

Zack Birge has about 17 pounds – he started hot and has a 4-pounder and a 6-pounder in the ‘well. Scott Martin has about 12 pounds. Andy young has another good day going – he’s got 15 pounds. 


1:20 Colson with a limit, Bird

Ramie Colson Jr. says he’s got a limit for about 12 pounds. Seems like the fishing isn’t quite as hot today as it was on day one. Cody Bird is doing decent, and says he's got about 14 pounds. 


1:02 A bunch of updates

Barry Wilson is struggling today. So far, the Alabama pro only has four keepers. Brandon McMillan is rocking with 17 pounds, but he sucked it up pretty hard on day one. Grae Buck has a limit for about 10 pounds. Kurt Dove is struggling – he’s only got about 8 pounds. 


Bryan Schmitt

12:40 Schmitt with a limit

Bryan Schmitt limited a while back with a decent fish and it slipped through the cracks. He’ll probably turn out alright, but it looks like he’s having a tougher day. 


Chris McCall

12:23 McCall thinks he made the Cup, Lawyer

Chris McCall said he had about 12 pounds and needed to cull a 12-incher to make the Forrest Wood Cup. Minutes later he popped a 3-pounder. If he right, he just booked himself an August trip to Lake Murray. 

Jeremy Lawyer says he's got about 12 pounds. 


12:15 Monsoor alert

After escaping at takeoff, Tom Monsoor has been tracked down. He’s got about 15 pounds, which should go a long way toward backing up his 19-pound bag from day one. 


Brad Knight

12:08 Not good for Knight

Brad Knight reports four that “aren’t good enough” in the ‘well. He’s had a rough season outside of his top 10 showing at Lake Travis. 


12:00 ROY is interesting

Justin Atkins had the makings of a decent bag early and Bradley Dortch just checked in with a limit for about 13 pounds. It looks like Dortch still has some work to do if he wants to regain the Rookie of the Year lead he went into the tournament with. 


11:45 Ponds

Pete Ponds is rolling with about a 10-pound limit today. 


11:30 Well, maybe not

Clark Wendlandt just rolled back into Chicamuxen. He said earlier his best bite is from about 11:30 to 1, so maybe he’s playing it right. 


11:13 Wendlandt is on his own, Arey

We’ve split off Wendlandt for the day now. He’s got a limit in the low double digits and is feeling the pressure some. Saying "I don't know where I'm going," he just picked up the trolling motor and headed north.  

Matt Arey just landed his fourth keeper – he's having a tougher time today for sure. 


Day one GoPro highlights 


11:04 Auten with a limit

Todd Auten has himself a limit for about 10 pounds. He’s apparently waiting for things to get right at about noon. 


11:00 Sprague is culling

It’s another distance deal, but Jeff Sprague just landed a keeper that culled. So, he’s got a limit for sure now! 


10:45 Wendlandt is ranging

Clark Wendlandt is ranging pretty far on his hunt for quality fish. With a small limit in hand, the Texan is now fishing south of Potomac Creek. 


10:40 Cory J

Cory Johnston is on the board with a 4+ and three smaller ones. Not quite the start to day two he’d like, but he’s at least a fifth of the way to a good bag. 


10:33 Rain, Cobb, Schmitt?

It’s starting to rain a little down in Chicamuxen. Brandon Cobb has caught two more good ones – he’s got to be working into the low- or mid-teens now. We just got a bead on Bryan Schmitt – hopefully we’ll have an update on the Potomac hammer in a bit. 


Mark Rose

10:13 Rose, Martin

Mark Rose just made a small cull in the distance, so he’s got a limit. Scott Martin has a limit as well, with a 3-pounder and a handful of little guys. 


Grae Buck's big fish from day one


10:05 It seems to be turning on

Something has changed out on the river over the last hour. After a somewhat slow start, it seems everyone is catching.

Matt Arey has two little ones and a 2-pounder. Andrew Upshaw has two good ones and three little ones. Casey Scanlon is culling again for ounces with a 2-pounder. 


10:00 Wendlandt moves, others

Clark Wendlandt finally moved out of Chicamuxen, and has headed on to the mouth of another creek.

Alex Davis has a limit for about 10 pounds. Billy Shelton has a small limit as well. 


9:55 A slew of updates

David Dudley has one 3+ in the boat and nothing else. Brandon Cobb is up to five keepers now. Luke Dunkin just caught a 3+, but we don’t know if he has anything else. Justin Atkins has two dinks, a 3-pounder and a 2-pounder. Cody Meyer has four keepers but no size. Ramie Colson has four keepers and one of them is good. Finally, Blake Smith has at least three keepers now. 


Casey Scanlon

9:35 Scanlon, Strader

Casey Scanlon is culling now. He had a long dead period, but something clicked for him. No word on weight, but it’s for sure not bad. Wesley Strader has a limit for about 12 pounds. 


9:31 Nick, Suggs

Blake Nick has a couple small keepers and Scott Suggs has about the same. 


9:30 Cobb update

Brandon Cobb has two in the boat and they’re both good ones. One is a 4-pounder and the other is 3+. If he could weigh all his snakehead he’d be blowing this derby out. 


Chris Johnston

9:20 A limit for Johnston

Chris Johnston has a limit with three good ones. He’s probably going to lock up a spot in the weekend today, and it’d be no surprise to see one or both of the Johnston brothers battling for a W on Sunday. They crush on the Potomac. 


Brandon Cobb

9:12 Cobb, Gussy

Brandon Cobb just caught what he says is his eighth snakehead of the day. “Dude, I’m on a good snakehead bite. This is getting ridiculous.”

Jeff Gustafson has two that’ll go about 7 pounds total. That’s a dandy start. 


9:03 Bohannan, LeHew, Morgan

Greg Bohannan has two in the boat – one 4-poounder and one dinker. Shane LeHew has an indeterminate number in the box, but he just caught good one. Andy Morgan has three in the boat for "six pounds."


8:50 Britt

Aaron Britt has landed two keepers in short order. No word on if that makes a limit or not. 


Jeff Sprague

8:42 Day, Sprague

Bill Day just finished off a limit worth about 9 pounds. Jeff Sprague has one keeper in the box so far. 


8:27 Behrle is rolling

Robert Behrle has himself a pretty good morning going. He just landed 3+ for his fourth, and pretty much everything he’s caught has been quality. 


Joe Holland

Andy Morgan

8:20 Morgan and Holland

Andy Morgan seems to be having a pretty good morning. No total, but he’s caught two 3-pounders in the last few minutes. Joe Holland has one. 


Clark Wendlandt

8:15 Wendlandt limits

Clark Wendlandt just caught a 2-pounder to fill his limit, but he’s thinking of moving. He says there are too many boats with him today to catch a big stringer. 


Cody Bird

8:05 Cox, Jocumsen, Bird

John Cox and Carl Jocumsen each have three in the boat for about 6 pounds. Cody Bird just landed his fourth keeper – he says he’s got about 7 pounds. 


Bryan Schmitt

7:52 Johnston and Schmitt

Cory Johnston and Bryan Schmitt are sharing water this morning. The pair have an immense amount of confidence in the spot – Johnston said at the gas station this morning that the winning fish are right there. Problem is, neither Johnston or Schmitt has caught a one this morning. 


Clark Wendlandt

7:50 Four for Wendlandt

The length limit is 12-inches today, and Clark Wendlandt is making use of that. His fourth keeper is a real dinker. 


Robert Behrle

7:45 Behrle with another

Robert Behrle has two now, and his second is a solid 2+. 


Clark Wendlandt

7:37 A wide berth for Wendlandt

Clark Wendlandt has three in the boat now. There are a bunch of other boats milling around where he’s fishing, but everyone is giving the veteran a wide berth. He’s earned respect over the years, and that might pay off handsomely today with some slightly less pressured fish. 


Chris McCall

7:32 McCall

We’re not sure if he has other fish, but Chris McCall just caught a 3-pounder. 


Evan Barnes

7:28 Barnes with a good one

Evan Barnes just landed another keeper that's about a 4-pounder. No exact word on his total. 


Brandon Cobb

7:22 Webster, Cobb, Blake

Joseph Webster has a nice 3-pounder to his day going. Brandon Cobb has two small ones now and says his foot is sore after catching them on day one. Derrick Blake has some kind of yelling bet with Bill Day going. He’s caught three keepers so far and everyone has heard it. 


Clark Wendlandt

7:16 One for Adams, another for Wendlandt

Tracy Adams Is on the board with a solid 2-pounder. Clark Wendlandt has two now, and his second is a solid fish that might go 3 pounds. 


Robert Behrle

7:12 Brasher, Behrle

Chris Brasher has two small keepers in the box early. Robert Behrle has started strong again – he just boxed up a quality keeper for his first. 


7:05 Barnes is on the board, Scanlon, Belmont

Evan Barnes just boxed up his first keeper, which is of no special size. Casey Scanlon started the day frogging and has yet to catch a bass. Over in Belmont there are currently 19 boats plying the grass. 


6:58 One for Huff

Rex Huff just boxed up a small keeper from the crowd he’s fishing in. 


6:53 Chicamuxen is busy

One of our reporters has counted 432 boats already in Chicamuxen this morning. It was really good yesterday, and it looks like it’s going to get pressured again today. 


Clark Wendlandt

6:43 Score one for Wendlandt

Clark Wendlandt put a keeper in the boat on his second cast of the day. He’s not running far from takeoff, and already has 16 other boats in the area with him. 


Carl Jocumsen

Jim Moynagh

6:37 Day two is underway

On day one of the FLW Tour presented by Costa Sunglasses on the Potomac River a total of 31 pros brought 16 pounds or better to the scale. It’s a testament to how well the tidal river is fishing, and it’s going to make the second day of competition very interesting. Not only are the weights tight, but big bags to fuel big comebacks are totally within reach for most everyone. With so many Angler of the Year and Forrest Wood Cup implications in play, weigh-in this afternoon is likely to be an exciting and stressful affair.

Leading the whole shooting match is Clark Wendlandt, the veteran Texan who never disappoints on the Potomac. Catching 19-11 on day one, he came perilously close to breaking 20 pounds and might well do it today. So far, nothing in the fishing has really surprised – it’s by and large been a battle in the grass, and we expect that trend to continue today. One added plus today is the tide – the pros will have about an extra hour in the morning of relatively low tide to hopefully concentrate the bass a little more.

Weather-wise, it should be a good day. It’s warm and cloudy with a chance of rain, but it’s unlikely to be too extreme. Considering the weather we’ve faced on Tour this year, anything shy of a monsoon is a welcome relief. So buckle up, the Potomac is fishing great and today should be a dynamite day to be on it.



Temperature at takeoff: 70 degrees

Forecast high: 83 degrees

Sky: partly cloudy

Precipitation: 60 percent chance of rain, afternoon thunderstorms possible

Wind: S at 5 mph

Tide (at Mattawoman): Low at 6:28 a.m., high at 1:06 p.m., low at 6:55 p.m.


Tournament details

Format: All pros and co-anglers will compete for two days. The co-angler champion will be crowned on day two, and the field will be cut to the top 20 pros on day three and the top 10 pros on day four. The winners will be determined by total cumulative weight.

Takeoff Time: 6:30 a.m. ET

Takeoff Location: Smallwood State Park, 2750 Sweden Point Rd., Marbury, Md., 20658

Weigh-In Time: 3 p.m. ET on days one and two; 4 p.m. ET on days three and four

Weigh-In Location: Smallwood State Park all days

FLW Live: Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 a.m. ET to 12:30 p.m. ET

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