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Champlain Midday Update – Day 2

The weather has definitely put a damper on things
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Chris Adams Photo by Jody White.
June 23, 2017 • Jody White • Archives

Takeoff for day two of the Costa FLW Series event presented by Power-Pole on Lake Champlain was pleasant enough. Sure, it was raining and blowing some, but it wasn’t torrential. As the boats began to speed off into choppy 1- and 2-footers, the rain picked up, drenching most of the pros for the next few hours. We got a break from the weather around 9:30 a.m., but the rain has picked up again now, and it’s supposed to rain steadily basically until dark.

The combination of rain and wind has done nothing to help the sight-fishing bite. Up and down the leaderboard, lots of anglers planned on mixing in some bedding bass. Dialing in marked fish and finding fresh ones is no easy feat in dark conditions.

In first place, Shayne McFarlin has backed it up with another good limit. He had about 12 pounds when we found him, and culled up to perhaps 16 pounds after that. 

In second place, we found Chris Adams at about 9:30 a.m., just as the rain was beginning to break up in earnest. Adams had four in the box then for about 12 pounds, and caught his fifth about 35 minutes later. We left him with about 14 or 15 pounds in the livewell – off the 18-pound pace he set on day one, but still doing pretty well.

Of those right up top, JJ Judd is doing well too. He had 16 pounds in the boat early and looks primed to make his first Costa FLW Series top 10 in only his second event.  

Elsewhere, Bob Izumi has a small limit, and Rob Lamoy is working on a decent limit for about 15 pounds. Rick Taylor started his day pretty well. He had three in the boat with one good one when we found him first thing in the morning. Additionally, Lucas Bogosian had one 3-pounder in his livewell early in the morning. Ryan Latinville has 15 pounds in the boat.