Sprague Downloads Fishbrain Pro for Better Understanding of New Fisheries - Major League Fishing
Sprague Downloads Fishbrain Pro for Better Understanding of New Fisheries
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Sprague Downloads Fishbrain Pro for Better Understanding of New Fisheries

Image for Sprague Downloads Fishbrain Pro for Better Understanding of New Fisheries
Jeff Sprague says that the Fishbrain app is a time-saver for all anglers. Photo courtesy Jeff Sprague
June 6, 2020 • Mason Prince • Angler News

MLF pro Jeff Sprague spends his days when he’s not on the Bass Pro Tour guiding fishing trips near his home in Texas. While Sprague is very comfortable informing his customers about the waters in east Texas, sometimes he gets questions about bodies of water he may not know as much about.

“I constantly get messages from people asking me how to fish a new body of water they’ve never been to before,” Sprague said. “That’s why I like to use the Fishbrain Pro app. It takes away a lot of the guesswork that may go into educating people on a new body of water. No matter how large or small the lake, river or pond, there’s someone on Fishbrain Pro that has caught a fish there, and can give you and me some tips.”

As the 2020 Challenge Cup Champion, Sprague knows a thing or two about showing up to a new lake with no idea how to catch the fish. He says that with the simplicity of Fishbrain Pro in his back pocket, he saves critical time when trying to learn a new lake.

“This app is so easy to figure out and navigate,” Sprague said. “I didn’t hop on the app and spend hours just trying to figure out how to use it. All the features are very self-explanatory and all of the information the app can give you is right in front of you.”

Depth maps, exact catch locations from fellow anglers and the baits they used are just some of the features that come with Fishbrain Pro. As a professional angler, Sprague definitely knows his fair share about how to catch fish no matter where he goes, but that doesn’t mean he knows everything. That’s where the app comes in handy.

“The thing about fishing, no matter what you’re fishing for, you never know everything that you need to know,” Sprague explained. “There’s always someone who is innovative and thinking of something outside the box. Fishbrain Pro is the perfect place for me as a professional to see these ideas and techniques that I have never thought about doing on a certain body of water, but other people and their grandpa have been using for years.”

Tapping into the Fishbrain Community

There’s a lot of work that goes into a day on the water for Sprague before he even takes his boat to the ramp. That’s why taking advantage of all the features Fishbrain Pro has to offer is now part of his pre-fishing routine.

“Fishing isn’t just luck, there’s a lot of skill and research that goes into it,” Sprague said. “That’s why Fishbrain Pro is so important to me, because it’s a new and innovative way for me to figure out how to catch more fish, and that’s what everyone is trying to do. To be part of a community that is working together to help achieve that goal is really awesome.”

With over 8 million entries of catch data, Fishbrain Pro can help you with not only bass fishing, but whatever fish you’re trying to catch. Sprague loves going crappie fishing in his spare time, another example of Fishbrain Pro data at work.

“It’s so nice to finally have a tool that can connect and unite anglers from all across the country and globe,” Sprague said. “No matter what you’re trying to catch, it’s all about fishing and trying to get bit. For as little as Fishbrain Pro costs, it’s worth every single penny to have it on my phone.”