By Mason Prince

You never realize how important your brakes are until you’re towing your rig across the country. Just ask MLF pro Alton Jones, Jr. who has spent seven months of this year crisscrossing the United States towing his Skeeter boat to eight different events from his home in Texas.

Trust When Towing

Jones says that he put his new brakes on his truck the first week of June and drove about 10,000 miles in a little over two months. That’s 10,000 miles of towing and winding through all different kinds of weather and road conditions. Ever since he started to pay attention to how important the brakes in his truck really were, it’s made a huge difference for the Texas pro.

“I put more miles on my truck towing than I do not towing,” Jones said. “I have a big rig that’s a couple of thousand pounds being towed behind me. With the right brakes on your truck, it should really feel like you’re braking in a car rather than in a big truck towing something heavy.”

Safety from Point A to B

The new brakes have not only helped out his truck’s performance on the road but have also helped Jones in a way he didn’t expect.

“Having great brakes on your truck really gives you great peace of mind,” Jones said. “If you were to have an accident or have an issue, that could cause you to miss a whole tournament, which in turn could ruin your whole season. It’s nice having a lot of confidence in the brakes on my truck to help ensure that doesn’t happen.”

Jones made the switch from standard brakes to Power Stop brakes back in June and says that it was a great decision.

“I thought I had good brakes on my truck before I put Power Stop brakes on,” Jones explained. “The sensitivity and the response on these, especially when towing, made me realize just how important having top-notch quality brakes really is.”