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FIRST LOOK: Kyle Hall’s new Full Send Jig is different right out of the pack

New Crock-O-Gator jig is perfect for punching, skipping or flipping applications
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2022 Toyota Series Championship winner Kyle Hall has a new jig on the market thanks to Crock-O-Gator. Angler: Kyle Hall.
November 7, 2023 • MLF • Reviews

There are about a million different bass jigs on the market, but at first glance, most don’t stand out too much from each other. Visually, a Crock-O-Gator Zapper flipping jig looks like a lot of flipping jigs. A Crock-O-Gator Wiese Football Jig looks a lot like other football jigs. In the Carolinas, you could go into any tackle shop within an hour of a dock and find a half dozen similar skipping jigs.

For the average jig, the differences are small and often based on personal preference. Some anglers like a hand-tied skirt, some want rattles, and some want a horizontal instead of a vertical line tie. But in a sea of jigs, the Crock-O-Gator Kyle Hall Full Send Jig doesn’t need a magnifying glass to stand out – it’s different right out of the pack.

Built off local tournament success in Texas, the jig has a solid pedigree.

“I got my butt beat about 10 weeks straight by a guy that is my best friend now,” said Kyle Hall. “He was throwing that (jig), and he would never tell me until the bite died down. Then, he told me (about the jig), and the company was for sale. So, we bought it, and we haven’t really produced it.”

The key to the Full Send Jig is a line-thru system, which protects the knot.

Now, Crock-O-Gator is producing the unique jig, which has a lot of tried-and-true jig features, and one that really sets it apart. Instead of tying the jig on at the nose, like you typically would, you run the line through the head to a line tie at its base, just before the skirt. That line-thru innovation is key.

“It protects your knot, and it can get in and out of cover easier,” Hall said. “When you’re dragging on the bottom, your knot can get tore up — this will protect it then, too.”

Hall isn’t always a big jig guy, but this one is a consistent part of his arsenal.

“I’ve caught an 11-pounder on it: I was throwing a 3/8-ounce one, in green pumpkin,” he said. “It was sight-fishing, around some rocks, around a boat dock. I made a bad first flip, and she ate it on the second flip.

“I used it at Eufaula this year, fishing rocks and boat docks,” Hall added. “I had a really good bag the first day, off like two docks, but it didn’t hold up the second day.”

Built around a custom Mustad hook, the Full Send Jig is ready for big bass.

The Full Send Jig is perfect for punching, skipping or flipping applications and is armed with a Mustad Ultra Point O’Shaughnessy custom-bend jig hook that delivers rapid penetration and keeps fish pinned. Plus, it also comes with a special rubber keeper to keep trailers rigged securely.

One thing to keep in mind is that because of the design, you’ll have to shy away from a standard Palomar knot.

“I usually tie an improved clinch knot with it,” Hall said. “I also heard you can tie a San Diego Jam.”

Coming in 14 colors to cover most types of forage and four sizes from ¼- to ¾-ounce, the jig is primed to produce for Hall, and you. You can buy the Crock-O-Gator Kyle Hall Full Send Jig on Tackle Warehouse.